Key data from the University of Copenhagen's MOOCs

There are many ways to assess activity level and reach of MOOCs, and much disagreement on which way is the best. There is, however, agreement that you cannot count MOOC student activity and retention levels in the same way as you do it for traditional campus based or even small moderated online courses. Below are some of the key numbers describing the scale of the University's MOOCs, in relation to numbers of learners and types of learner activity. We have also included two different ways of looking at retention - one simplistic one just relating the number of course completers to the overall number of learners who have enrolled, and a more realistic one, which relates the number of course completers to the number of learners doing any form of graded assignment or quiz in the course room.

Aggregated figures for University of Copenhagen's 12 MOOCs (March 2017)

Number of learners who enrolled

536 026

Number of learners who visited course

301 322

Number of learners who submitted exercise

93 876

Number of learners completing course

27 367

% of enrolled learners who visited course

57 %

% of enrolled learners who completed course

5 %

% of enrolled learners submitting exercise who completed course 

29 %

Number of video lectures viewed

4 621 333

Number of exercises submitted

773 280

Number of forum posts made

108 628

If you have any questions regarding these numbers - or regarding learner activity levels, definitions, or retention - then feel free to reach out to Anne-Marie Mosbech Jensen,